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iPhone 6 repair

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iPhone 6

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About iPhone 6 repair

Launched in 2014, iPhone 6 represented a major makeover in the series. Apple moved away from the sharp edges of iPhone 5/5s to rounded edges, with bigger than ever 4.7 inch display. These rounded edges were the de-facto for almost all smartphones, until, possibly, the launch of iPhone 12 in 2020.

In hindsight, it has stood the test of time admirably. Barring some battery niggles, and slowness/performance issues, iPhone 6 has proved to be quite durable. It is still sold and bought actively on used phones markets. 

Of course, now it is nearing its end of life in terms of Apple support. But spare parts and service are still widely available outside the Apple network. If you have an iPhone 6 with an issue, you’d be well advised to get it diagnosed first to know the cost of fixing. Unless it is exorbitantly high, repair may still be a good option. 

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FAQs for iPhone 6 repair

Do you have doorstep service for iPhone 6 repair?

Yes, we do have doorstep service for some simpler repairs like iPhone 6 screen replacement or iPhone 6 battery replacement. For most other issues, a thorough diagnosis is required which can only be done at our workshop.
We do provide a pickup and delivery service at an extra cost. Or, and we like this the most, you can simply walk-in to our office. That way the service is faster, logistics avoided, and we get to meet our customers!

How much time would it take to repair my iPhone 6?

If it’s a straightforward part replacement problem - like screen replacement, or battery replacement, or camera replacement etc, it can be done within a few hours. If the issue's root cause is unclear, then diagnosis may take 1-2 days. In cases of logic board repairs, it may take much longer, sometimes a couple of weeks.

How much would it cost to repair my iPhone 6?

Please get in touch with us over Call or WhatsApp @8884441326. We’ll understand the exact repair required and share a quote with you. Sometimes the quotation can be shared upfront, at other times we may need to complete the diagnosis first.

Is it even worth spending money on the repairs of an old iPhone 6?

That depends on how much money the repair service demands. Yes, the concern is valid, and it really is a judgement call. 
For simpler issues like a broken screen or faulty battery, the repair is, in our opinion, not very expensive and makes sense. 
In cases of liquid damage or logic board issues, the repair costs often run high. There we suggest you first get it diagnosed to get a repair quotation, and then take a decision.

iPhone 6 is such an old phone. Are genuine spare parts still available for this model?

Old model or new, it is not possible for us to procure “Apple Original” spare parts. Only authorized Apple service providers can do that, and it costs hefty. 
We, however, use very high quality compatible spare parts which are on par with the original. And these are certainly available for iPhone 6 so far.

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