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iPhone X repair

iPhone X is a truly sophisticated piece of technology.
Its repair is equally sensitive. Trust only the professionals.

  • End-to-end diagnosis before starting any repair
  • Service advisors share a diagnosis report and quotation
  • Only after your approval do we start the service. All services backed by warranty

iPhone X

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About iPhone X repair

A phone of many firsts, the iPhone X was truly a breakaway design marvel. Off with the home button and the Touch ID, welcome to the Face ID. It wasn’t just nice to look at and hold, it felt premium, even by iPhone standards! Sleek metal frame, shiny back glass and a brilliant new OLED display. 

But, as they say, with great sophistication comes great fragility. Ok no, no one says that. But you get the point. The back glass is expectedly as breakable as the front screen. So, now, if you drop the phone, you have on your hands a shattered front and back. Double whammy. Sorry.

With each generation of iPhones, as the tech gets more complicated, so do the repairs. iPhone X screen replacement, iPhone X back glass replacement, iPhone X Face ID repair - all require significant level of expertise and workmanship. Be careful where you get it serviced from.

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Takbeer Abbas

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FAQs for iPhone X repair

I dropped my iPhone X in water and it stopped working. Isn’t it supposed to be waterproof? What should I do now?

Well, yes the iPhone X is rated IP67 which means it is supposedly water resistant upto a certain depth. BUT, we’d take that with a pinch of salt. 

The waterproofing sealant wears off with time and usage, so the water resistance in an old iPhone X is really negligible. Also, please forget about water resistance if your phone has a crack on the display or back glass, OR, if it has ever been disassembled for any kind of repair. Even otherwise, it is never a good idea to take an iPhone X for a swim!

FYI, Apple doesn’t cover any kind of liquid damage under warranty. Take a hint.

My iPhone X back glass is cracked. Is it advisable to have it replaced? How much would it cost?

Well, if the cracks are minor, you can very well slap a protective case on and live with it. Back glass replacement service is a fairly complicated one - the entire phone has to be disassembled, so that comes with a little risk. Also, after glass replacement, it’s not exactly the same in feel and finish. 

If the back glass is completely shattered, there’s really no other option but to get it replaced. 

In some cases, if the damage is too severe, it may even be infeasible to replace the back glass - we may need to replace the entire housing. 

For cost and best advice, please feel free to get in touch with us.

What is the cost of an iPhone X screen replacement?

To get the best quote for any iPhone X repair service, please call or WhatsApp us @8884441326. Or, submit a request form on this web page - we’ll call you right back.

Will the water resistance on iPhone X be lost after the repair service?

We do have an option to install a new rubber gasket which seals the phone against any water ingress. Nevertheless, the water resistance is definitely compromised. Fixxo doesn’t take responsibility for any damages caused by liquid exposure post repair service.

How much time and money will it cost to get my iPhone X repaired?

It depends on the repair service you’re looking for. Fixxo is an Apple-exclusive service center, and we stock most spare parts of iPhones in store inventory. So, as long as the repair requires a part-level replacement, we can do it fairly quickly (a couple of hours to a couple of days). If the repair requires chip-level work on the logic board, then it can take much longer - even more than a week or two.

For cost estimates, please get in touch with us.

I dropped my iPhone, and back glass is shattered. The sides / frame is also bent, can it be fixed?

Back Glass replacement is usually possible only if the frame shape is intact. If the frame is bent out of shape you may need to get the entire housing (includes the frame as well as the back panel) replaced. For minor bends we can TRY to straighten it and then replace the back glass.

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