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iPhone Xs Max repair

Broken iPhone Xs Max? Fixxo to the rescue!

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iPhone Xs Max

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About iPhone Xs Max repair

iPhone Xs Max, at the time of its release in 2018, sported the biggest and most immersive display ever in an iPhone. Much like its more compact cousin iPhone Xs, it has an amazing rear camera that excels in low light situations. It also has the biggest battery - claims to last for at least a couple of hours more than its predecessor iPhone X. 

But, none of these impressive new features make it immune to cracks and damage. If anything, it is more delicate than ever. An accidental drop will cause more damage than say an iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 - the front display and the back glass are prone to being broken. While you can mostly live with a damaged back glass, the front glass crack may often damage the underlying LED panel too, rendering the iPhone useless. Even if the display is in functional condition, you will soon get tired of looking at your messages and pictures through a shattered glass. Bring it down over to Fixxo for a safe and quality iPhone Xs Max screen replacement, or even the iPhone Xs Max back glass replacement.

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Service just like Apple center with lower cost.Got screen changed and work fine no problem till this date even after 1 year.

Chotu Kanahaiya

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FAQs for iPhone Xs Max repair

How much will it cost to do iPhone Xs Max repair?

The cost of iPhone Xs Max repair will depend on the specific repair that is requested. Please get in touch with us - call or WhatsApp @8884441326, or submit a form to request a callback. We shall understand the issue and provide our best quotation.

Will the water resistance on iPhone Xs Max be lost after the repair service?

We do have an option to install a new rubber gasket which seals the phone against any water ingress. Nevertheless, the water resistance is definitely compromised. Fixxo doesn’t take responsibility for any damages caused by liquid exposure post repair service.

My iPhone Xs Max is still under Apple warranty. It has a damaged screen. Can I claim a free replacement?
  • Apple doesn’t cover any physical damages under warranty. Unless you have an AppleCare+ coverage which includes accidental damage protection.
  • Fixxo is an independent service provider, we’re not the right place for official warranty claims.
My iPhone Xs Max back glass is cracked. Is it advisable to have it replaced? How much would it cost?

Well, if the cracks are minor, you can very well slap a protective case on and live with it. Back glass replacement service is a fairly complicated one - the entire phone has to be disassembled, so that comes with a little risk. Also, after glass replacement, it’s not exactly the same in feel and finish. 

If the back glass is completely shattered, there’s really no other option but to get it replaced. 
In some cases, if the damage is too severe, it may even be infeasible to replace the back glass - we may need to replace the entire housing. 

For cost and best advice, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Are internal parts (like camera, battery etc) interchangeable between iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xs (or iPhone X)?

No, most internal parts are uniquely designed in each iPhone model and are not interchangeable.

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