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iPhone 11 repair

We know you love your iPhone 11. We’ll be gentle :)

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iPhone 11

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About iPhone 11 repair

With iPhone 11, released in 2019, Apple seemed to have finally cracked the price point vs features game. It cost way less than iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max which it was released alongside. But it had enough going for it to be the most popular iPhone in 2019. It is also seen as the successor to the iPhone XR - lower price point, compromising on some "premium" features, LCD display instead of LED, and a host of new pastel color options! However, unlike iPhone XR it wasn’t a secondary variant anymore, almost stealing the limelight from its more expensive counterparts. Of course, it was a raging success in India.

Now the more iPhones people buy, the more they break them. So, we’re not complaining. But if you are a victim of an unfortunate accident involving an iPhone slipping from your hand and crashing into the floor, you’d be well advised to seek out only the most professional and reputed iPhone service provider (hint: Fixxo) for your iPhone 11 screen replacement and iPhone 11 back glass replacement requirements. 
Of course cost matters - we try to stay on the reasonable side of competitive pricing. But we pride ourselves on the quality of our service much more - the quality of spare parts, quality of service advisors and the quality of workmanship by the technician. 

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Had my iPhone 6 screen replaced by team Fixxo at my home. Their service was prompt and price too among the lowest I have received.Recommend this place to get your Apple devices fixed at place of your convenience in Bengaluru.

Radesh K.N

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FAQs for iPhone 11 repair

My iPhone 11 is still under Apple warranty. It has a damaged screen. Can I claim a free replacement?
  • Apple doesn’t cover any physical damages under warranty. Unless you have an AppleCare+ coverage which includes accidental damage protection. 
  • Fixxo is an independent service provider, we’re not the right place for official warranty claims.
I want to get the screen replaced for my iPhone 11. Shall I get my old screen back?

The old screen is retained by Fixxo. Here is our explanation for this policy.

Is Fixxo authorized by Apple to provide iPhone 11 repair service?

Fixxo is an independent service provider, and not affiliated or authorized by Apple. However, we specialize in, and provide repair services exclusively for Apple products. As such, you can expect an equally trustworthy service, and significantly superior customer support from Fixxo.

How much warranty do I get on an iPhone 11 repaired by Fixxo?

All repairs done by Fixxo are backed by a warranty of up to 1 year. The warranty period varies based on the service you have availed, for e.g. with an iPhone 11 screen replacement you get a 1 year warranty, with battery replacement the warranty period is 6 months, and so on.

Will the water resistance on iPhone 11 be lost after the repair service?

We do have an option to install a new rubber gasket which seals the phone against any water ingress. Nevertheless, the water resistance is most likely compromised. Fixxo doesn’t take responsibility for any damages caused by liquid exposure post repair service.

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