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Why does Fixxo retain my old parts after iPhone and MacBook repairs?

At Fixxo, we specialize in Apple repairs - iPhones, MacBooks, iMacs, iPads et al. With time, as we gain experience and learn more, we continuously evolve the processes and policies that run the service center. 

One policy that we have adhered to over the past few years is that we do NOT return the old parts, damaged or otherwise, that have been replaced in the course of a repair service. Meaning: for e.g. you bring in an iPhone for a screen replacement service at Fixxo, what you get back post-service is your iPhone fitted with a spanking new screen. You don’t get the old screen back. That belongs to Fixxo.

Now, most of our customers don’t even notice this, it’s a non-issue. Why would they? The replaced spare part is most likely damaged anyway, even if it is partially functional, it is worthless to a lay-person. Unless it’s NOT a lay person. A lot of Fixxo’s patrons are the geeks, junk-hoarders and crazy DIY-ers - and we pride ourselves on that. And these customers rightly ask us the question - “Wait, that replaced internal is my property, why don’t I get it back? Why such a strange policy?” 

Well, here’s the answer:

The policy is because of multifold reasons. 

  1. Old internals too have value: In a lot of cases, we actually have to return an old replacement part back to our vendor. That is how some of these supply chains are set up. The vendors then have to return it higher up the chain. Ultimately, these old internals, depending on the level of their damage, are utilized to salvage some components etc that may be used in the manufacturing process of the same or a different spare part. 
    So, you see - while an old damaged MacBook display panel is worthless to you, it still has some inherent value in it. That value is factored in, in the cost at which we procure the spare parts, and in turn, is factored into the cost that we quote to you for the particular service. IF you must, absolutely must acquire the old part back, we then charge for it, over and above the quoted service fee. This charge may vary based on the spare part in question.
    Hope that makes sense?
    Examples of this case: iPhone screen replacement, iPhone camera replacement, MacBook screen replacement, MacBook logic board replacement, etc. 
  1. E-waste hazards: In cases of iPhone battery replacement, or MacBook battery replacement, the old Lithium-ion batteries are often hazardous unless disposed off properly. They’ve been known to bulge up, leak harmful gases, and in some cases even start a fire or a mini-explosion. We actually have to pay our e-waste disposal vendors to collect the batteries from us and feed them into a recycling unit.
    Of course, if a customer asks for her old battery back, we would be happy to return it and get it off our hands. But as a responsible member of the electronics eco-system, and as a matter of policy, we do not. Because, most often they just lie in the drawers until eternity or end up in a mixed garbage pile which is extremely harmful for the environment.
  1. No returnable internals: In some services the replaced part is just not in a returnable physical condition anymore. Think of iPhone back glass replacement - the back glass is literally shattered into a hundred pieces and scraped off. Nothing to return there except a pile of broken glass. Same with iPad digitizer replacement. In some MacBooks, the keyboard replacement is equally messy - the keyboard is fitted with the chassis through like a hundred rivets. By the time the keyboard is removed, it looks nothing like a keyboard anymore. Or in the case of some MacBook battery replacements - the battery is pasted onto the housing, gets badly deformed or mangled during removal. You get the point, don’t you?

Our intent at Fixxo is to provide quality repair service while operating within business constraints and keeping environmental considerations in mind. This has led us to have a standard no-returns-of-replaced-components policy instead of dealing with it on a case by case basis. 

A point of information here - all Apple authorized service centers follow the same policy. So, you know.

We understand that sometimes people are driven by curiosity or sentimental reasons to want the old component back. We respect that. But this policy has real benefits. It helps bring down repair costs for everyone. And it helps reduce e-waste in the big picture. 

Hope you understand and appreciate our stance here. Thank you!

Written by
Manish Agarwal
Yet to decide between introvert and extrovert

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Did a quick and splendid job with RAM upgrade and replacement of mechanical disk drive with SS disk.Prompt in followup.Very cost effective.

Rama Swamy

A very swift and comfortable experience. The time taken to replace the screen of my wife's iPhone 6S was between 10 to 15 minutes. They ensured that everything was working and up to my expectations. I even requested the EDC machine to be sent which they honored. Overall, very satisfied with the quality of service.

Sudhanshu Sharma

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