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iPhone XR repair

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iPhone XR

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About iPhone XR repair

Positioned as a “value” iPhone (yeah, right!), the iPhone XR was launched in 2018 along with its fancier cousins iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. The idea was to keep the core the same, while getting rid of some fluff to bring the cost down to a non-heart-attack-inducing figure. So the OLED screen was swapped with a Retina LCD screen, the steel frame was swapped with an aluminium frame (what’s that about?) and the dual camera made way for a single rear camera.

Interestingly, this phone also seemed to be tailor-made for the Indian market. Apart from the aggressive pricing, it also was the first iPhone to feature dual-SIM support. AND, boy it introduced colors! Overall, it was a great phone. And expectedly it made record-breaking sales in India. 

At Fixxo, we have been getting plenty of service requests for the iPhone XR. Despite being a sturdy phone, it is still prone to the usual damages. Common repairs requested are - iPhone XR screen replacement, iPhone XR back glass replacement and iPhone XR battery replacement.

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Got my phone repaired for 1/3rd of the price quote by Apple service centre. My iPhone screen was severely damaged and Fixxo got it replaced within an hour as compared to 2 weeks estimate of Apple service centre. Would highly recommend Fixxo if you are looking for a cost effective service.

Nagraj Shriyan

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FAQs for iPhone XR repair

What is the cost of repairing an iPhone XR?

The cost incurred is dependent on the specific repair service you are looking for. Please get in touch with us - Call or WhatsApp us @8884441326, or submit a form on this website to request a callback. We shall understand the exact issue and share with you the best course of action and quotation.

I dropped and broke my iPhone XR. Is it worth spending money to repair it or should I just upgrade to a new iPhone?

Well, if you’re drooling over the shiny new iPhone (and we understand if you are!), by all means, please go ahead and buy one.

But, if you’re evaluating which option is fiscally more reasonable, then our suggestion is this - get the iPhone diagnosed, find out the tentative repair cost estimate. If the total repair quote is under, say, 20-22k, we feel it makes sense to get it repaired. If the quote is running higher than that, you may consider just upgrading to a new iPhone.

How much time will it take to replace the screen and back glass of my iPhone XR?

iPhone XR screen replacement is doable within a couple of hours. Back glass replacement, on the other hand, takes longer - 1-2 days.

My iPhone XR is not turning on all of a sudden. What could be the reason?

Honestly, hard to guess. Quite often it is the battery that is faulty. Or the power button is dysfunctional. Or, and this happens quite frequently too, there is a defect on the main logic board of the iPhone. 
Request you to submit the phone for diagnosis. We take a couple of days to thoroughly check the device and identify the underlying issue. Along with a diagnosis report, we provide you suggested repair options and their cost estimates.

I want to get the screen replaced for my iPhone XR. Shall I get my old screen back?

The old screen is retained by Fixxo. Here is our explanation for this policy.

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