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MacBook Water Damage Repair

Of all the ways you could damage a MacBook, this is probably the trickiest to fix. A garden-variety liquid-damaged MacBook mostly has a faulty motherboard, sometimes in conjunction with other faulty parts - display, speakers, battery etc. Along with repairing skills, one needs a good sense of judgement - which parts should be repaired, which replaced? How much money is worth investing on the repair given the MacBook’s stability and longevity? Should we attempt servicing an impacted, yet functional part?
We provide transparency and details, along with our recommendation, so that you, the customer is part of all the decision-making.

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MacBook Water Damage Repair

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Fastest turnaround time

Time is money. Fixxo repairs fast, ergo it saves you money only, no? Ok. We are an exclusive Apple service center, MOST parts are usually in ready stock.

Skilled, Certified technicians

All things considered, the quality of service is only as good as the expertise of the repairman. Workmanship matters!

Quality parts, Warranty

At Fixxo, we use only the highest quality spare parts. All repairs carry a min. 90 days warranty. Not just a working device, peace of mind is paramount too!

Don't take our word for it, take theirs

Abhishek Kumar

Spilled water on my one day old MacBook Pro 15" (Yeah! I know!), I decided to trust them with my laptop and I did not regret it. Water damage is not covered in Apple warranty and if I took it to service centre, they would have charged me a fortune for sure. Would recommend it.

Sai D

Excellent service and value for money When compared to Apple care people.

Ranjan Tharanath

Good service and reasonable price...!!

Kartikeya Agate

Pretty good service, professional conduct and value for money. Very much recommended if you own Apple products

Devashis Satapathy

They charge really less and service is extremely awesome!

Archit Athani

I accidentally spilled water on my MacBook Air. When I went to the imagine apple service centre, they asked me to pay more than the cost of the laptop itself. I had no option other than to giving it to someone other than Apple. This was the time I came across Fixxo. They repaired the laptop in 1 week, it had logic board issues and charged me Rs. 7.5k which is very reasonable. I recommend Fixxo for any Apple product related service you need.

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How it works?

For simpler repairs (iPhone screen, battery issues | MacBook battery, RAM, HDD replacement).


Book an appointment

Tell us about the device & the issue. Confirm your location & a convenient time


Technician visit

Our engineer visits your residence/office. Does the service in front of you.


Pay Online

Check the device, pay via cash or UPI transfer (Google Pay, PhonePe etc)

For more complex repairs safe to be done only in a workshop


Schedule a pickup

Inform us about the device & the issue. Our executive visits you on scheduled time.


Get diagnosis & quotation

Once we receive the device, we diagnose it thoroughly. Then share the diagnosis and a repair cost estimate with you via call or email.


Receive repaired device

On quotation approval, we proceed with repair. The device is delivered back to you, only post extensive QC.

If you, like us, like to meet someone in person before trusting them with your beloved device.


Visit our office

Our location is easily available on Google Maps . Preferably call ahead to inform you’re coming.


Consult with our Advisor

Our staff is trained to lend a patient ear, understand your issue and make sure you have clarity on the repair process etc.


Walk-out with a smile

MOST spare parts are readily available in inventory, so we can usually deliver the fastest TAT. Water damaged & motherboard issues take longer.

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FAQs for MacBook Water Damage Repair

How much time do you need to repair liquid damaged MacBooks?

It could be a couple of days, to a couple of weeks; the range is really wide. We can give a proper estimate of time required only post diagnosis.

My MacBook is not turning on after liquid damage. How much will it cost to repair?

Please bring the MacBook in for diagnosis. We will be able to share a cost estimate only after diagnosing the damage.

I spilled liquid on my MacBook. Immediately shut it down and dried it off. Now it’s working fine. Should I still get it serviced?

Ideally, yes, you should. If you don’t, you should be aware of the possibility of the MacBook developing issues anytime in the near, or far future.

My MacBook died one fine day. I took it to Apple and they tell me it is liquid damaged. I never spilled any liquid on the MacBook. What gives?

“Liquid Damage” does not essentially imply you have spilled liquid on the device. It could happen through really minor exposure too. Think back - did you clean the device with a wet cloth, or keep the laptop near a window while it was raining, or work very close to an air cooler? If nothing, it could still happen due to environmental moisture over a period of time esp. in Indian conditions. It is surprisingly common.

My MacBook was working fine for over a month after liquid exposure. How come it has suddenly conked out now? Is it even related?

Yes. It is observed quite often that exposure to liquids has a delayed impact on the device. The liquid dries out but leads to formation of fungus or corrosion on the logic board, which causes issues over time.

I spilled coffee (or soda) on my MacBook. It is working fine, but the keys are sticky. What should I do?

You may need to get the keyboard replaced. Also, it is advisable to get the motherboard serviced as well. Contact us to discuss further.

Does Fixxo provide a standby device for the duration of the MacBook repair?

Sorry we do not have the option of a temporary / standby device at the moment.

I spilled water (or any other liquid) on my MacBook and it has stopped working since. What could be the issue?

Liquid exposure on MacBooks most often leads to logic board damage. However the best (and only) thing recommended is to bring the MacBook to our service center for diagnosis. None of the home remedy hacks (read: stick it in a bag of rice) work! Let the experts handle.

We shall take a day or two to diagnose the device and then revert to you with price & time estimation. If you're ok with the quote, approve it. Else reject it and take the MacBook back paying a nominal diagnosis fee.

What are the payment modes?

Payment preference: UPI (Google Pay, PhonePe, BHIM) or Cash